The (longer) story so far...

NOTE: This is a work in progress, on all levels.

1988 — 2000

Born to a dreamer and an engineer. Grew up in Georgetown, Texas playing with LEGO, pretending to excel at soccer, and rocking several years of home-schooling. The Internet was magical beyond belief and I could never get enough SimCity.


Joined and began attending home-school co-ops in the greater Austin area, introducing me to a strange new phenomenon that people around me called "friendship." This exposed me to the Xbox and Halo for the first time. I would never be the same.


The Master Chief never looked better ...until Halo 2 came out.

After building my own computer, playing a ridiculous amount of Halo, and dabbling in the modding scene at its peak, I decided to lead a modding group to convert Halo PC, in its entirety, into the Unreal Engine. Turns out that managing a team of amateur game developers scattered across the globe is somewhat of a challenge. Who'd have thought? We did manage to ship a lot of transmuted content, though.

Apologies for the many broken links. Project Torlan was my first foray into web design through Macromedia Dreamweaver, and we got free hosting through a friend of the project. If you have Unreal Tournament 2004, feel free to download and play around with our collective work. The Hang 'em High map conversion is my favorite. Blood Gulch is pretty fun too.

During this particularly "creative" period I also posted my first web video. You're welcome, Internet. 


Starting to come into my own, I began my "Senior Year" of "High School" (still independently educated, though less at home and more in groups of other home-schoolers). Acne, angst, and mathematics interleaved with long hours of Halo 2 and Call of Duty. I also discovered Coldplay, began painting, and portrayed the Prince in a musical production of Cinderella. It was grand. I would never be the same.


Having secured both a sports car and an acceptance letter to Texas Tech University, I set my sights on the Future. Having developed an acute talent for acting (melodramatically) and video games, I created this little oddity of an "Original Oratory" to win first prize at the State-level NCFCA home school Debate competition. You're welcome again, Internet.


Having burst onto the campus scene with all the precocious hubris of your average Freshman, I added a Philosophy major to my Physics major in order to John Galt-ify my life a bit. RadioShack and the 911 Truth Movement kept me busy over the long, hot summer. I started journaling, voted for Ron Paul, and fancied myself a political activist. Oh, college...

One of my favorite excursions in '07? A stint running stellar observations for Dr. Ron Wilhelm at the McDonald Observatory in West Texas. Out there in the still, secluded heights of the Davis Mountains I met my first love... HDR photography.

I would never... the same.

Tone-mapping, y'all.


The most thoroughly-documented year of my life to date marked one significant change after another.