The Input Learner, a Tumblog

Between 2009 and early 2011, I posted irregularly to a personal Tumblog that I dubbed "The Input Learner" after my top two StrengthsFinder themes at the time. Eventually I lost interest in updating it, like I do. Still, there are many candid gems in here that I hope you will enjoy.

Histiographic Notes: I've removed most of the link-only posts, including many with dead links. Some posts also were not originally titled on Tumblr, so I titled them retroactively for this archive.

Currently, Squarespace cannot display a concise index longer than 20 posts. The link below will take you to a paginated full view of the blog, and the partial index below will make it easier to jump to a specific one of the first 20. I'm hoping Squarespace resolves this issue. It's a rather glaring feature omission.


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